Update on the Homefront

So I haven’t blogged in over a month, that’s because things on the home-front got a little shaken up.  I am now roommate-less, but it’s all for the best, as the current situation was costing more $ than it should have.  Isn’t getting a roommate to supposed save you money, anyway?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  So that’s all I have to say about that. Hopefully my friend A will land a job in NYC very soon, so she can be my new and improved roomie. She’s already passed the interview with the co-op board, aka Stewie! 😉

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.  I have a lot of new content to be updated on here shortly, so stay posted.


The story of my Apt

I first encountered my apartment when my friend SA and her bf TG and adorable pup Mindy were residing in it. I had taken a chance and bought a one way ticket back to NYC from Hawaii.  (Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking: “What?!? How could you leave Hawaii?!”  Well I  will tell you my dear friends, I had been living there for 3 years and after a failed relationship, getting laid off from my job & being unemployed for 8 months, it was time to go.  But it’s not like I can’t go back for a visit, my mom lives there and I am going back for Xmas as a matter of fact.

My Momma Moe and on the Cameraman booze-cruising it up

So anyway, I packed up my bags and headed back to the Big Apple.  I had lived there previously while attending university, S was one of my friends that I made while attending there.  So she kindly offered me her futon to crash on while I went on a quest to look for a job.  It appeared it was meant to be and I quickly landed a job, albeit not in my field of study but it paid the bills.  Beggers can’t be choosers, am I right?  So after securing a job, I moved out to sublet a couple of different places.  In July 2011, my sublet ended on the last place, SA was looking for a roommate (her bf went to attend med school out-of-state).  The timing was perfect! So I moved in permanently. We got another roommate in January 2012, named Stewie.

He’s a real slacker and doesn’t pay any bills; but he’s cute and pays his way in puppy kisses and being all around adorable.

SA has since moved out-of-state to join her bf as of two months ago.  And now I have a new roommate CJ.

This is my first real apartment in the real world so it’s a kind of big deal.  I haven’t done a whole lot of work to it except painting but man oh man do I have lots of hopes for this place!